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Ksenia Ice 


Welcome to the world of visual storytelling - a realm where every moment,

every emotion, and every unique connection transforms into captivating

videos that will be cherished forever.

 I warmly welcome you to my creative corner,

where I craft cinematic masterpieces for your corporate endeavors and love stories.

My passion for videography drives me to capture the brightest and most emotional moments, immortalizing them in this digital epic.

Every corporate project is a journey into your world, and I listen attentively to assume the role of your trusted storyteller. Reflecting your unique culture and values, I create videos that inspire and connect people.

My goal is to help your company stand out and unleash its potential through compelling visual imagery.

And when it comes to your love story, each frame transforms into a magical voyage of two hearts.

I aim to create poignant and tender videos that immerse viewers in your romantic journey filled with love and happiness.

My expertise in capturing naturalness and spontaneity brings every frame to life, and each moment becomes irreplaceable. I seek beauty in details and captivating angles to create precious memories that you will delight in reliving time and time again.

I invite you to join me on this exciting adventure and grant me the opportunity to make your corporate world and wedding/love story unforgettable.

Entrust me with your moments, and I will craft videos that leave a mark in hearts and captivate all who behold them.

Welcome to the world of videography art.


Welcome to your story.

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